X's ring

Here's an image of the titanium ring we purchased for X.


Gentlemen First

We put the cart before the horse a bit and bought X his wedding ring last weekend. It's a simple titanium band. The advantage of titanium is that it is very durable but extremely light. And since X types a lot at work, it was really important that the ring be comfortable. Some interesting factzillas about engagement rings:
  • 74% of all brides receive a diamond engagement ring. Of those, 60% are involved in picking out their ring while 3% actually pick it out themselves.
  • The average ring costs $2000
We also went shopping for my engagement ring at Green Lake Jewelry Works(which is actually in Northgate). We spent a little over an hour with a consultant and picked out a platinum band with filigree. We're not sure what the stone will be - either a brown or green sapphire, or brown or green moissanite diamond.


Slate/Treehugger Green Challenge

I took the challenge and am disappointed by the results:
Your annual carbon emissions are 36,611.2 lbs.
That's equivalent to the emissions from 3.59 passenger cars.

Average carbon emissions per year, per person:
United States: 44,312
Qatar: 117,064
France: 13,668
India: 2,645
Kenya: 440

I rarely drive, use a canvas bag for nearly all purchases and compost our yard waste. Yet, I was only 25% better than the average American. I think my above-average amount of air travel contributed heavily to my carbon emission score. I'll have to look into Terrapass.


Diamond Backlash?

Maybe I'm part of a trend or at least a mini-trend. Both brides profiled in last week's Observer went for nontraditional rings. Ms. Silverman chose a Canadian diamond (purchased from Park Slope's politically correct jeweler, The Clay Pot) and Ms. Schultz chose an emerald.


I Want to Hold Your Hand

X and I met last July and we've been going out for slightly less than a year. However, we still hold hands all the time. I felt validated to read in the NYT (registration required) today that holding hands is the least nauseating form of PDA, confers psychological benefits, and is a sign of a good relationship.


Marriage License

Luckily, King County has minimal requirements to secure a marriage license. The only condition is that both parties must be at least 18 years old. Unlike other counties in the U.S., no blood test or identification papers are required.


Frugal Wedding

Here are some suggestions from The Knot. Of all the tips, the ones I found most helpful were the following:
  • Scale Down (the intent is to keep the guest list capped at 150)
  • Loosen Up (we are thinking of a Sunday Brunch Reception)
  • Substitute Cheaper Flowers (I prefer Dahlias to Roses anyway)
I've been advised to book now if we're planning to wed in September 2007. I will price out a few venues this week.