Knickers in a Twist No More

One of my favorite columns over the past couple of years has been Knickers in a Twist in The Stranger, an alternative weekly here in Seattle. It documents the relationship between Lippy and his longtime girlfriend Mizzi. Lippy did a great job of writing about the humdrum of life in a twosome. A week ago he penned his last column. I'll miss it.



If only X had the moxy to turn his proposal into an internet marketing campaign topped off by a television ad (sigh) . . .


The Secret is Out

The NYT got here first: http://travel.nytimes.com/2006/12/10/travel/10surfing.html?ex=157680000&en=22565eb42ef1809d&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

I disagree that the Inn at Manzanillo Bay is worth hanging out at. The only bad meal during my week here has been the shrimp in chile oil. I felt completely defrauded - you couldn't taste the shrimp at all(certainly not the chiles) because it was drowned in a sea of brown, sweet sauce (not mole unfortunately). The worst 230 pesos I've spent so far . . .

At least, the margaritas were strong and good.


The view from Hacienda Eden

The view from Hacienda Eden
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Eva and Jim, the owners and operators of Hacienda Eden are great hosts. We just chatted with Eva over morning breakfast.


Ixtapa Getaway

X and I are traveling seperately. He has a conference to attend. I attended the same event with him last year and had a great time. I would love to go back and visit Amsterdam in the summer time. However, I've been wanting to get away to somewhere warm. My girlfriend, Rebecca and I jetted down to Ixtapa yesterday. We stayed at Las Brisas last night - in a Grand Deluxe room for $215/night plus taxes. Though we got a deal by booking with the hotel directly (the big 3 online agencies would have charged us $268/night plus taxes), I found the resort to be overpriced for Mexico. I rate it a 4 star and would have preferred to pay less. We dined at Las Brisas II, an outdoor resturant set right into the cliffs and the meal was excellent, though on the expensive side for Mexico ($130 for 2 people with wine). But we've found paradise in the form of Hacienda Eden in Troncones. We arrived here this afternoon and it's spectacular - a bargain at $85/night. We had lunch at The Burro Burracho ("Drunken Burro") - ceviche, guacamole & shrimp/mushroom quesadillas with a soulfoul pico de gallo. The tomatoes and avocados were ripe and the seafood was super fresh.