The Case Against Diamonds

There's a nice article on this local shop from the Puget Sound Business Journal focusing on its founder Jim Tuttle: "The business model seems to appeal to Northwest sensibilities. Tuttle said his customers include people who like the idea of working with and supporting artists, and people who are looking for something unique. Tuttle also sells Canadian-branded diamonds, which appeal to customers concerned about buying 'blood diamonds' or 'conflict diamonds,' which are mined in war zones and sold secretly to bankroll insurgent armies. Tuttle said customers also appreciate Canada's labor and environmental protection laws. "

Speaking of blood diamonds, there is an upcoming movie that will be titled, "Blood Diamond" starring Leonardo Dicaprio and directed by Edward Zwick (click here to see the trailer in Flash or Windows Media). Debeers is reportedly concerned about the film's impact on diamond sales. This is an ironic development considering how Debeers relied on Hollywood and the Royal Family to convince the public that diamonds are rare and precious, when all evidence is to the contrary.

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