Gentlemen First

We put the cart before the horse a bit and bought X his wedding ring last weekend. It's a simple titanium band. The advantage of titanium is that it is very durable but extremely light. And since X types a lot at work, it was really important that the ring be comfortable. Some interesting factzillas about engagement rings:
  • 74% of all brides receive a diamond engagement ring. Of those, 60% are involved in picking out their ring while 3% actually pick it out themselves.
  • The average ring costs $2000
We also went shopping for my engagement ring at Green Lake Jewelry Works(which is actually in Northgate). We spent a little over an hour with a consultant and picked out a platinum band with filigree. We're not sure what the stone will be - either a brown or green sapphire, or brown or green moissanite diamond.

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