Junebug Weddings Rocks!

I received an email informing me that I was a Junebug Wedding Contest Winner ($500 gift certificate to Tulip, one of my favorite Seattle boutiques). Yeah! This made up for my car getting towed last week and the $230 ticket/towing fee. Junebug has another great contest on their website this month:
Visit www.JunebugWeddings.com on or before Dec.15th and enter to win a luxurious spa package from Frenchy's Day Spa, including Frenchy's favorite manicure, pedicure, facial and one hour massage
X and I watched Hacking Democracy over the weekend - it's a compelling documentary and the NYT op-ed today calling for recounts in cases of close races couldn't have been more timely.

It's a rainy day here in Seattle but I have a lot to do today:

I finished my absentee ballot and will drop it off at the polling place tomorrow morning.

My goal for today is to make Martha Stewart's Mac & Cheese for dinner. It's the first time I've tried to prepare it and I hope everything goes ok. Since X is vegetarian, I'll have to substitute some tofu delicacy for the ham. I'm not sure how this dinner will help us live a longer life . . . Maybe if we quaff some red wine, it will make up for the calorie excess. I'll walk over to Madison Market, our local coop later to search out something suitable.

I need to figure out my ring size - I think I'm a 4.5 but I'm not too sure. And since X is ordering the ring off the internet, we want to be sure. We're leaning towards a platinum ring with 3.5 carat green moissanite gems. X and I discussed wedding/reception plans yesterday. We're thinking of having a Hindu Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception in New York on 9/15/07. My parents live in Long Island and X has relatives living in New Hampshire - so this should be convenient. We're also thinking of having a Seattle Reception on 9/23/07 for those of our friends who can't make it out to New York. I proposed having a champagne brunch and having all sorts of sparkling wine there - cremant, champagne, prosecco, sparkling red wine, etc

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